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We have a CORE TEAM who are the centre of the practice, teaching and production. In addition to this, an ENSEMBLE which has emerged from collaboration with students chosen from our training. A group of gorgeous and talented ASSOCIATE ARTISTS teach, collaborate and practice with us regularly, and finally we are very grateful to our elders, our world-class and wonderful ARTISTIC MENTORS who also teach on the


Who we are

We are an international collective of practitioners aligned in our beliefs about the power and place of creativity in the world and seek to expand our understanding of the body, and develop artistic visions rooted in physical expression.

Our work together is based upon shared appreciation of co-learning principles and a performer-centred process, facilitating transformation through our teaching, creations and placing the surrender of ego at the centre of our ensemble dynamics. Founded upon belief in innate human creativity and weaving ancient Vedic wisdom throughout its creative practice, Moving Parts aims to foster abundant creative potential, in its core team, ensemble and associates.


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We are characterised, live and practice by:


We are teacher-performer-practitioners. We approach teaching from the perspective of being fellow artists sharing what we’ve learnt, and what we love. We are not masters. We are working it out, and making it up as we go along – just like everybody else!

That said, this is a dream core team, and this, plus our associate artists who teach along side us on The Body and Performance are an insane mix of incredible talent, who are all not only gifted with skill but also possess humility and infuse groups they with, with nurturing care and joy!

Our Core Team

Core Team


In addition to our core team, we have a growing collective of performers who have completed training with us, and who now create and collaborate on production. Our first intake selected from our training The Body and Performance, just devised the first version of Covid Dreams with us. We're working to nurture each other's creative visions. 

Associate Artists

Associate Artists - practitioners, trainers, collaborators

We are blessed with incredibly talented practitioners in our orbit, who we have learned from, played with, dreamt together with over the years. This represents a community of movement artists of excellence, with advanced physical skill and virtuosity in a range of disciplines. But more importantly, this specific group of renowned artists share their gifts with such joy and care. We are forever grateful that we are in studios, moving, exploring, sweating, rolling, falling, delighting, struggling, flying together, so often.

Artistic Mentors

Artistic Mentors

The generosity of these great practitioners is humbling. We are guided by the wisdom of elders who are further along the journey than we and bring years of experience and brilliance to support and nurture us.