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10th January - 7th April 2024 we are offering 


Professional Certified Performance Training 

Our professional physical performance training works with a 'whole person' approach to create a learning journey that's exploding with revelation and joy! This is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary training that combines physical theatre, voice, contemporary dance,  therapeutic movement, choreography and devising to equip performers with a rounded set of skills and abilities. We believe in the creativity of performers to make their own work and the powerful, radical, life changing potential of theatre and dance to enliven, enrich, provoke and transform society.

Taught in association with Embodied Poetics and Gecko Theatre.

* 12 week intensive full-time in-person teaching
* Mentored individual projects and final presentation
* Certification and public showcasing
* Collaborative artistic link between India, UK and EU institutions.

Part 1: Foundational ensemble and devising practice. Nuts and bolts of physical theatre language. Embodiment of animals and poetic imagery. Laban cube for actors and for movement analysis. Creation task around principles of essentialising and creating huge epic landscapes in small spaces. Basics of 'Lecoq 20 movements'. Simple structures for constructing movement and emotion. Breaking points in the body. Softening and developing floorwork vocabulary. Voice foundations. Finding your aliveness. 


Part 2: Epic and tragic spaces. Journey of the neutral mask. Journey of the hero. Creative writing around seeing the world through a dark mirror. Constructing conflict in the space. Choreographing around paintings - moving still images in 3D space. Tragic Chorus. Approaches to choreography from inner awareness. Monologues. Building vocal skills. 


Part 3: Comic territories. Commedia dell'arte, clown. More detailed choreography and devising skills. Acrobatics. Duologue scene work. Vocal characters. Deeper physical skill, choreography around external worlds.

Part 4: Mentored creative projects. Lighter daily teaching schedule. Guest intensive workshop by the amazing Gecko Theatre. At the end of this, students create and present their own work.

The Body and Performance provides performers with intensive in-studio training, mentorship through independent projects and public showcasing. This is for actors and dancers who wish to create their own work and expand the aesthetics of the body in performance. 2024 training takes place at the beautiful Satori Wellness Centre in the stunning and tranquil jungle of North Goa, 10 minutes from gorgeous beaches.

Every week students create and present back to the group and full teaching faculty: this is a space to experiment, test ideas, fail in a safe nurturing space, find your artistic voice and fly... 

Below you can read about the course components in detail, the teachers, teaching methodology and application process. Please get in touch with any questions. We look forward to igniting sparks of inspiration, fires of imagination, and your future creations.

This course is taught through a series of intensive masterclasses, regular scheduled classes

10th January - 7th April 2024


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Magical beginnings... welcoming 2023 students

"I was truly blown away. The most intense and powerful experience of my life. As a professional, I can say I wasn't even walking before.  I can now think with my body. The faculty is just amazing - everyone is accepted. They help us be ourselves."




"I'm so hungry to continue. This course makes you ravenous to learn. So many lightbulbs have gone off. I feel my presence growing, honestly I'm so full and hungry at the same time. 
I'm amazed every day!"


"Classes are transcendental and shapeshifting."
2022 dancer-creator, Pushyank Nahar

This course is for actors and dancers who wish to create their own work and are able to work in a professional and disciplined environment, are willing to push themselves and have open hearts. The course is  packed with a variety of movement and physical theatre-based disciplines to expand the creator-performer's  repertoire. There is a rigorous selection process with two rounds of application to ensure that the international group that journey's together for three months, is of the skill and mindset to excel. 

We have a playful approach to taking our work and learning seriously. We also expect commitment, discipline, professionalism and most of all willingness to be challenged to open new frameworks of thinking, doing and creating. This course is as much about how performers live and work with others, as it is about building skill and techniques.

Please read the detailed programme overview from the 2022 programme below. In the meantime, please send any questions to

We look forward to meeting you. Big courageous and warm hugs to all you brave artists, choosing this path... 

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Testimonies from our 4 month training 2022-23 

"Literally the most amazing and transformative experience!"
2023 Movement Artist Holly Gardner

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Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

We are offering tailor-made training in facilitation for performers who want to learn the art of guiding others. This is for performers who have completed training already and want to focus developing skills that enable leadership of classes, workshops, training and/or creative processes.

We share our teaching methodology, the values and approach that enable participants to learn-by-discovery, share the exercises and learning objectives that make up each of our training modules and dig in to the unique qualities of the practitioners who undertake this training.


Performer-facilitators will develop skills for holding space, shaping learning journeys, facilitating enquiry and generating focussed atmosphere. Specific training content includes (but is not limited to):

          Developing an available, neutral body

          The neutral mask & movement analysis

          Somatic & anatomical knowledge

          Voice & breath

          Approaches to text

          Building ensemble

          Expressive body

          Poetic body

          Playful body

          Artistic body

          Connecting body, breath, emotions and text

          Understanding space, time, image, rhythm, build, narrative 

          Teaching Laban and Viewpoints for actors and dancers

          Teaching tragic territories

          Teaching comic territories 

          Unleashing creativity

          Teaching devising & choreography


Pedagogical principles are shared and explored, including: quality of presence, challenge, explanation, modelling, deliberate practice, questioning, and feedback. Other key principles taught and practiced are: inclusion, motivation, quality assurance, expectations, consistency & transparency, innovative approaches. How to consistently create a safe and brave space in which people are willing and happy to take risks.

This is taught through a combination of participating in the Body and Performance training, planning and facilitating sessions, personalised mentorship, reflection exercises and written tasks.  Personalised feedback is given to enable each facilitator to develop skills that play to their strengths. 

We are offering 3 places for this opportunity only. Please fill out the registration form explaining why you are interested in this. You will then be sent an application form. Please email if you have any questions.

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Professional artistic residency

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10th February - 10 March 2024

Professional residency
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Test your ideas!

This is a professional development opportunity for physical performer-creators who want to experiment. We provide space, mentorship, the opportunity to try ideas with other artists accepted on the programme as well as our ensemble members.  Performers would spend time developing their ideas and supporting the development of others' ideas also. This is a supportive collaborative space - applicants need both performance skill and strong creative impulses.

Successful candidates will work with members of our ensemble and faculty, and be provided studio space, mentorship, feedback and invited audiences. We are looking for clear, innovative and bold ideas that will benefit from this incubation space.

Places are limited and offered on the strength of the ideas presented and the proven ability to hold creative space, work professionally and collaborate well. All ideas will be showcased for an invited audience and filmed. NB this is low tech space so concepts should take this into account.

Feedback is also facilitated by the audience and students of The Body and Performance course.

Trainings in 2020 & 2021 run by this team 

One week intensive 

One month residency 

Body & Performance 3 month intensive 2022

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4: public sharing

Month 2: Tragedy & Melodrama

Week 8: public sharing

Month 3: Comedy & Choreography

Final sharing and Graduation

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Complete 2022 Programme Details

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Register your interest now

To register, please enter the information below and say which programme you're interested in

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